Category: Fire Extinguisher

Are you properly trained on usage of a fire extinguisher? If you own or operate a business, it is imperative that you know the ins and the outs of fire extinguisher operation, and that those working for you are familiar with the procedure, too. Understanding how to use a fire extinguisher can very well change a situation from bad to okay.

You Should Understand Fire Extinguisher Operation

These days, getting yourself and employees trained on the usage of a fire extinguisher is fairly simple and doesn’t require that anyone go anywhere. In fact, there are many on site fire extinguisher service in ulysses that can come to your facility, no matter where you are located in town, or the size of your facility. These instructional visits show each employee the proper way to use the fire extinguisher and also have lots of education in store. The demonstrations are fun and provide the chance for everyone to ask questions, too. You’ll be glad to know costs of the on-site training are very reasonable and well-worth the small expense to prevent a potential tragedy or great loss within your company.

The Facts

Why is it so important that you know how to use the fire extinguisher and that your employees are aware, too? Here are a few of the biggest reasons that it is important to have this information in mind at all times:

  • You never know when there will be a fire. When everyone knows how to operate the fire extinguisher, there will be less damage
  • Costs of using an on-site service are reasonable
  • Customers and employees will consider you a more respectable company
  • Fewer accident and safety violations and reports
  • Prevent fires
  • Save lives
  • Gain comfort, confidence, and peace of mind