What’s the Cost to Empty a Septic Tank?

A septic tank holds all your plumbing waste so it is not inside your home causing hideous smells and health concerns. Tanks are made in various sizes, some capable of holding more than others. But, no matter the size of the tank, at some point septic tank emptying antioch is going to become necessary. This isn’t a job you can perform on your own, so you’ll need to hire professionals to complete the work, leaving many wondering the costs of such a job.

Septic tank emptying costs vary from one job to the next, and several factors influence the rates you’ll pay for the work. The company hired is one such factor, but there are many others, like:

  • Size of the septic tank that needs emptying
  • Time of the year you need services (winter work is usually more expensive)
  • Any damages/problems that need repaired

On average, homeowners spend $225 – $600 to have their septic tank cleaned. Some jobs cost more, and some homeowners find that it costs them $800 – $900 for the job. Of course, some homeowners get lucky and find the job priced much less than any of these numbers. So, it is worth your efforts to compare and shop around. This isn’t money you’ll need to fork over for this service regularly, but that doesn’t mean savings aren’t important to find and use whenever you can. Most septic tanks provide years of use before this service is necessary.

Since emptying the septic tank isn’t a job that you can prolong without paying consequences, it’s best to compare rates of several plumbing and septic tank companies in the area to request estimate and compare prices. When comparisons are made, saving money on the cost of emptying the septic tank is so easy!